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25 Years of Memories From Our RAD Family

Our RADfertility family is celebrating this special milestone with us! From patients who were with us 25 years ago, to those who may be taking the first steps to grow their family or find relief from endometriosis and pelvic pain today, we are thankful for these kind words. Check out some of the memories that our patients have shared below.

Kimberly W.

“Thank you for helping us with our journey to creating our precious little Wesley!”

Angelica D. P.

“Even though the circumstances leading to our first time at RAD were very stressful and scary, we are so glad to have met and worked with all of the wonderful people there! They were so helpful throughout our whole journey, the good and the bad, and are the reasons why we have our beautiful baby girl today! Thank you all!”

Debbie H.

“I have 2 beautiful RAD babies. They make my world go round. I am so thankful that I was way above the statistics. They are so close and love each other so much that I am so happy we didn’t stop at one.”

Beatriz K.

“Through every high and low of our journey, I remember fondly every single appointment. There was always a reason to laugh and smile. On our graduation day, I remember saying I was gonna miss going to my appointments and all the people in the office!

Thanks so much RAD for our beautiful son! He will be 20 months old tomorrow!”


“My husband and I never thought we would be lucky enough to have a baby of our own, and thanks to everyone at RAD our prayers and dreams have been answered. I don’t think we can ever express how much we appreciate everything that you have done for us both by helping us reach our dreams and supporting us mentally and physically throughout the process. We will keep praying that things go well because we still have a long road ahead, but we are confident that with all your help, things will go well for us. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!”

Donna Z.

“I remember when RAD first opened in Christiana! It has always been such a caring, welcoming practice. From the beginning, I felt that I was truly listened to and an active participant in the planning. I was blessed with triplets who are now 21 years old and doing amazing things in college and the military. I’ve said this before and I still believe it – you are touching the future in ways you cannot even imagine! Happy anniversary and best wishes for the next 25!”

Juliana C.

“My beautiful little daughter who is almost 10 months old! Thank you so much for everything and making me a mommy ❤”

Ashley M.

“After suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss and unexplained infertility for 2 years, we welcomed our baby boy, Boston into this world on August 15th, 2020. We could never thank RAD enough for the care they gave us and the constant support we still receive from them. The staff at RAD is top-notch and they are so dedicated to the success of their patients.”

Joyce K.

“We are truly thankful to God and the RAD team for making our dream of having a child come true. The doctors, nurse practitioner, and nurses were knowledgeable, professional, and truly cared. We had our beautiful intelligent daughter, Myra, in September 2016. No words are good enough to describe our gratitude to God and the entire team. May the Lord bless each of you in a very special way. We are planning to see you guys soon for a second child.”

Amanda Z.

“After being with my husband since 2002, we finally came to RAD, our first FET, we are due with our first baby, a boy, in September! Thanks to a wonderful team!”

Kelly O.

“Thank you for making our world complete. I will always be grateful for finally getting to meet my daughter!”

Anna M.

“I have had symptoms of endometriosis since I was 14. After seeing my family doctor, 2 OB/GYNs, and pretty much losing all hope of getting answers, or better, relief for my pain and nausea, I washed up on the shores of RADfertility in Newark, Delaware. Newark is a bit of a drive for my family and me, but it was WORTH it. At my first appointment with Dr. Barbara McGuirk in March of 2019, I was in tears. Happy, hopeful tears because FINALLY someone understood where I was coming from and knew what I had been dealing with. She understood and validated my pain, asked me questions, allowed ME to ask questions, discussed a treatment plan and helped me understand my condition better, did a laparoscopy in September of 2019, and gave me an official diagnosis of endometriosis. She and her team are AMAZING, whether it’s scheduling appointments, answering questions, or fighting with medical insurance companies; they are on the ball. Now at 23 years old, I feel like there’s hope again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you RAD!”

Samantha L.

“Every day, I am in pure amazement that this beautiful, little girl (that’s actually mine!) once started as this tiny embryo. I am in awe of the doctors, nurses, and employees at RAD and the miracles they make happen! I have never trusted a team of professionals more than our RAD family. They truly are experts in what they do and I recommend this team to anyone who has fertility or reproductive needs! Thank you for helping us grow our miracle family!”

Jamie O.

“Thank you for making it possible for me to be a Mom. We never gave up and you never gave up on us. My husband and I will be forever grateful to you, your team, and our angel GC Jessica for making us a family. Kevin is now 3 1/2 and a wonderful child that has a heart of gold. Thanks for everything each of you does every day. And, of course, a special thanks to Amy at RAD!”

Breanne S. A.

“Our first son, Oliver, was conceived via IUI on the first try! Our second son, Austin, was an exhausting and uber emotional 18 month journey of 6 failed IUI’s, having to endure IVF, with 1 unsuccessful transfer before our day 6AA joined our family. Both boys were worth the wait but we couldn’t have made it through any of it without the wonderful angels at RAD. Thank you and happy anniversary! ❤️??”

Meredith M.

“Here are my little miracles throughout the years. You guys are a part of our heart and a part of our family!”

Tina C.

“Happy 25th Anniversary to RAD! RAD has always been so welcoming, supportive, and understanding of our desire to expand our family. The doctors, nurses, medical assistants, patient coordinators, lab techs, and front office always have a smile, words of encouragement, or even a hug when you need it. They truly made us feel like family and I miss the people at RAD so much. I came to RAD in 2011 with dreams of expanding our family. I met with Dr. McGuirk and explained that we had been trying for 7 years to give my 9-year-old son a sibling. Dr. McGuirk was patient and listened to all of my concerns and questions, developed a plan of care, and said she was confident that RAD could help. I am happy to say that she was right! RAD has blessed me with 2 children. My daughter Savanna in 2014 and my son Dylan in 2020. Thank you, RAD, and good luck on the next 25 years!”

Elaine Z.

“Thank you so much for my 2018 RAD baby and the current 2021 baby!”

Jackie H.

“As my daughter, Hayden, turns 2 I can’t help but remember the amazing journey I had with RAD. I am forever thankful to Dr. Neithardt, the entire RAD staff, and our very special, Sue! Happy 25 years, RAD! Thanks for bee-lieving in single moms by choice like me and making dreams a reality! We love you!”

Amy B.

“Our RAD baby is 21 now. Dr. Feinberg and the staff were absolutely wonderful to us!
Thank you RAD!”

Jonathan K.

“For us, it was a 2+ year journey at RAD, with 3 rounds of harvesting, endless shots, endless Google searches, endless worrisome phone calls, endless diets, endless, endless, endless. BUT, in the end, we had a small batch of eggs. And, down to our last embryo, it transferred successfully! With the expertise and patience of all of the doctors, nurses, specialists, etc., we turned that 1 last chance into our true love, Hannah. Now that Hannah is approaching her second birthday, we realize that our time spent with RAD is about the same time we have spent with our daughter. We love every day. Not a day goes by without us thinking about the medical and emotional journey we went on with RAD (happiness, pain, joy, tears, you name it!).”

Aubrey & Danny

“Happy anniversary RAD! We are so thankful for the hope, kindness, and close attention we received while bringing our baby girl into the world. Thank you for treating us like family while we grew our family.”

Sarabeth B.

“We are forever grateful to the kind and caring staff at RAD. By the time we came to RAD, we had already been through so much treatment and yet still had no answers. Thanks to the diligence of the staff and utilizing the right testing and treatments, we now have two beautiful children. We have recommended RAD’s services to all our friends who have struggled with fertility and now two additional families have grown from RAD! We wish RAD 25 more years of success with making miracles happen!”

Amanda O.

“When I was 17 years old my appendix ruptured and wreaked havoc upon my abdominal organs. I spent all of my 20’s and some of my 30’s in pain. Pain that I had no idea was connected to my ruptured appendix and other fertility issues (like endometriosis) that I didn’t know I had. After I married my now husband we began seeking medical help to start our family. After three years of seeking medical assistance from a different practice and exploring many options with several other practices, we were referred to RAD by three different sources who repeatedly told us the same thing – seek out Dr. McGuirk. So we did. It was on our first consultation visit that Dr. McGuirk told us that she could do what every other doctor told us was impossible – and she did just that. With the help of Dr. McGuirk’s surgery, the IVF talents of her associates (particularly Dr. Neithardt), and the loving kindness and support that RAD showed us we now have four beautiful RAD babies. Thank you for all your help!”

Chrissy H.

“Happy anniversary! Thank you for all that you do and for helping me conceive my IVF miracle son.”

Keri J.

“I am forever grateful to the amazing doctors and wonderful staff at RAD. My family was blessed with 2 healthy babies on January 16, 2008 – thanks to RAD.”

Cheryl A.

“We are so thankful for RAD and all the care we received. We went through five years of infertility, a tragic twin loss at 26 1/2 weeks, 2 ovarian torsions, and multiple failed IUIs. We just weren’t ready to give up. In 2009, we gave birth to our rainbow baby Braedan! 11 years later he is a smart, kind kid who loves everything baseball. He is the apple of our eye, and if it weren’t for RAD and all their support, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings. Thank you for everything you do for all of us and making our dreams come true.”

Matt & Miranda W.

“Happy 25th Anniversary, RAD! Today we celebrate our sweet RAD miracle’s transferversary in her RAD onesie. Our family will be forever grateful for each and every one of you who played a part in our IVF journey!”

Stacy M.

“After waiting for 12 years we were able to have our now 13 year old son. RAD helped us grow our family with 4 miracles total! 2 boys and 2 girls! You will always have a special place in our hearts! ❤”

Lauren W.

“Thank you so much for your dedication and kindness during our time at RAD! I never thought it was possible to have another baby, but you never let me give up! Thank you for believing in my journey! Abigail is truly a gift!”

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Peggy Sue O.


"I feel so lucky to have found RADfertility. I tried two other clinics before I expanded my search and found RADfertility. I drive an hour each way to go to them but I don’t regret a thing. They are so caring and so professional. Every time I message them they respond quickly. Every time I see them they have a friendly smile and warm welcome. They explain everything so well and I never feel lost in the process as I did elsewhere. They also took the time to figure out what was wrong. Other clinics threw up their hands, said 'I don’t know' and pushed me to try IVF."



"Dr. Feinberg and the entire staff at RADfertility are absolutely amazing. The receptionists, coordinators, nurses, and lab staff are compassionate, caring, and straight forward. I’ve had a 12-year infertility journey and I’ve tried other clinics but RADfertility was the only one I felt at ease with. They answered any questions that I had and were there any time I needed them. My coordinator, Amy, was the absolute best and always had my back. Dr. Feinberg’s dedication to his patients is incredible. You are not just a number there, you are a person with individualized needs and care."

Anupama P.


"The RADfertility team gives you so much emotional support and positivity that it adds to your strength and keeps you focused on the end goal - a healthy and happy baby."

Samantha G.


"My journey with RADfertility and Dr. McGuirk started when my husband and I were trying to conceive and were having difficulty. We went to RADfertility, where we met Dr. McGuirk. I always say she changed my life and 'fixed' me. Dr. McGuirk is always learning more about endometriosis and how to help her patients. She’s brilliant and truly cares for you! I’m eternally grateful to her and everyone at RADfertility for their unwavering support, love, and care."

Annette D.


"Every step of our journey was tailored to us. We were treated so respectfully. Every detail was clearly explained and we felt so comfortable. Rhonda Wright was a Godsend and inspiring. I highly recommend this place! I cried when my weekly appointments were done and I 'graduated.'"

Christie B.


"The staff and doctors are amazing. It will feel like home every time you walk in the door. They gifted us with our miracle baby and we couldn’t be happier. I will always recommend RADfertility above all others!"

Shannon M.


"RADfertility's staff has heart and provided me with exceptional health care. I knew I was in good hands and felt like we were in this together. The doctors and nursing staff always answered all of my questions and provided thorough information about all of my options. I am so fortunate and appreciative of the care that I received at RADfertility. They go above and beyond."

Megan L.


"I cannot begin to explain how wonderful RADfertility is. We were frustrated with trying to start a family and it not working for us. The entire team of doctors and nurses made us feel comfortable and hopeful that we would be parents. We experienced so many ups and downs but we never felt like we were on our IVF journey alone, we had our RADfertility team every step of the way. If you're looking for a supportive team on the IVF journey, look no further. RADfertility is the absolute best."

Anonymous on FertilityIQ


"Dr. Schillings always kept us informed and never gave up on us. She always explained our options and risks with each procedure. She called us personally when there were any issues or sensitive subjects to cover. Dr. Schillings was the first doctor that had answers for us and wanted to help us have our miracle baby!"

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